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Friday, April 2, 2010

Putting in the kms for Italy

Yipee! a four day break from fronting up at work and I have a goal of riding  between 360 and 400 km over those 4 days.  Today's ride was supposed to be 100km, but maybe I cut a corner or 2 as it turned out to be 99.16km.  As I approached home I knew the distance wouldn't hit 3 figures but by that time despite being a paid up, card carrying member of the Anal Retentive Society of Everywhere (also known as ARSE), there was NO way I was going to circle round the local streets to make up the shortfall.

I've ditched to SRM powercontrol for these sorts of rides..using the Garmin 705 now I can get a gazillion bits of totally useless information /stats as I ride...just what a card carrying, life member of ARSE likes!  Of these useless bits of info there are a few  that have me puzzled....Time: 03:53:58..ok so that's how long I rode and I understand  "Elapsed Time", which was 04:24:45......a bit surprising as I didn't stop at all except at lights...soooo 31 minutes sitting a lights?? well I did seem to hit the red lights more often than not. Ok so despite the surprise, so far so good...but what is this number?...."Moving Time:03:52:05". And what about this then..... I had an avg speed of 25.4kph and an avg moving speed of 25.6kph..... ????

Most of the ride was solo although I linked in with a group of 3 along Beach road and ditto for the last 10km.  I got left behind at lights along Beach Road but this turned out to be lucky as when I caught up with them somewhat later they'd clearly had a stack with  1 of the group  sitting on the kerb looking dazed.

Time for a nanna nap

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