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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Liz to Eyjafjallajökull Volcano please stop!

Yesterday I spent the day at DISC racing the Team Sprint as "Rainbow Warriors" with Shirley (together we currently hold 3 World Records and have been World Champ 12 times) and the 20 lap scratch race and then spent the rest of the day at meetings, chatting to people and handing out cards with this blog address on.  Now that the Nats are over (for me..the sprint races are yet to happen) I can  100% focus on getting ready for my excellent adventure of cycling from Palermo to Como...3000kms over 28 riding days, with 7 rest days scattered over that time. So welcome fellow trackies to my European adventure blog.  FYI my previous blog which tells the tale of  both World Hour Record attempts and the time between can be found at  

(Pix copied from and ultimately the camera of Ulrich Latzenhofer).

But first I have to get there! Check here for some jaw dropping pix.......what awful beauty.  oh to have a camera good enough and the skill to take pix like that!  Also here and here    

A couple of days ago when this all started I felt quite relaxed that with 3 weeks to go til I fly out my travel plans would not be effected by Eyjafjallajökull but as the days go by I'm getting a bit edgy.  The list of airport closures   indicates that its only the northern European ones that are totally closed ...ironically  Iceland's airport  is open, but all depends on wind patterns and strength. I'm flying Singapore airlines to Rome and am comforted by the fact that currently  they are flying into Rome which is where I'm going but will my sister, coming from London be able to join me?

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