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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How can I possibly live without my............and yes I'm planning my packing for OS again

Yesterday my SRM powermeter thingey turned prima donna.  Actually it's been a bit princess-like for a while, but yesterday after shifting it from the  TT to road bike it spat the dummy totally.

And  suddenly I have to contemplate training the old fashioned way, which led me to thinking about how we now rely so much on things electronic.   Certainly ditching all of the following would considerably lighten my lugggage, what with all the different chargers, cables and batteries.

1 cable, one wall charger

I have 3 of these...doh!...1 for audiobooks, 1 for Italian learning stuff and 1 for feral music to listen to while training  1 cable+1 wall charger

how can I travel without one of these? instant communication with the world, blog writing, plus DVD/CD player and also good for charging other stuff. 1 loooong mains cable

as a navigational aid this is of little use to me on the bike  since with my contacts in I can barely read it..but it's sorta "nice" to know how the steep is  the hill you're grovelling up!!...and later on to show where you went on a groovy map diagram.
Vital when driving solo in Europe but it did try and get me to drive across a ditch somewhere in France and also sent me into a blind panic when it told me to take the 6th exit from a Geneva roundabout when I couldn't find 6 exits.  I also got very fed up of hearing "re-calculating".  Currently I've got it set up to talk to me in Italian(!)  1 cable serves both these plus a mains charger and an in car charger.

 nothing extra for this baby unless I go the rechargeable battery route.
 this old point and shoot is for taking on the bike..spare batteries, wall charger with a cable that doesn't suit any other bit of equipment I have.

I would never have looked beyond the iPhone if I wasn't a cyclist and knew all about HTC from their sponsorship of the pro team, so advertising DOES work!  This baby will stay turned off except for a brief minute or 2 once a day, once bitten twice shy and I'm not keen on arriving home ever again to a huge bill for data access caused by a roaming phone. 1 cable for mains and computer

Instead this little basic baby below, complete with Italian or Austrian or UK phone number will be on 24/7  an in car and a mains charger

and  earphones....actually ear buds.  FINALLY I've found some that fit my ears and don't fall out, they're made so there's a slight angle to them, PLUS I have the lime green ones so I can find them.  Sold at Big W.

nothing extra for these babies, but I will take a spare pair just in case.

 Blueant S4 hands free in car speaker thing...this is a must have here (I've already been caught and fined once and at 9 demerit points am too close to having to take the VicRoads test for comfort) but since I'm not expecting a flood of calls while in Europe, this baby will not get a guernsey for OS travel.

And finally a 2 way socket to allow me to plug into the mains in Europe and one for UK plus  a 4 hole power board since I have so many things to charge!!


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