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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back racing

Saturday: cloudy no rain little wind

Reading the flyer for Hume Vets 3 day event in June, I realised I'd better get some racing in if only to allow my club handicapper to give me a grade.  But the need for handicap grade was not the only reason for my trip up to Casey Fields yesterday really was about time to HTFU and get out to do what I enjoy

I'd not raced at Casey Fields before, it always sounded as though it was miles away  and so I was a bit surprised that  the drive out only took about 40 minutes.  I was greeted with alot of hullo stranger comments but when  I eventually fronted up to pay and discuss which grade I should ride I discovered that I'd been black listed for missing a work day last year..hmmm....I was in Italy at the time.  The matter was soon sorted and after initially being put in C grade and after some checking on who rode what grade, I ended up in D grade......very flattering and all, but really on a background of almost no training, C would have been a nightmare for me.

Goal for the race:  finish with the bunch.

There were a few breakaways but none stuck and somewhat uncharacteristically all I did was stay with the bunch either in the middle or near the back, keeping upright,  keeping out of the way, holding my line... all but a couple of times (one where I visited the grass verge for a while) and so was just happy to be alive to tell the tale at the end. Finished with the bunch.

Could I have done retrospect yes, but that wasn't the plan for the day.  Next week maybe I might consider putting in a bit of a speedy effort.....or 2.

Sunday:..forecast cloudy showers later in the day=get out early

So what you all missed for today's ride was 2-3 hours 130-180 watts...ok well you can forget the 3 hour bit but Croydon to Yarra Glen and return via the back roads gives me ~2hours of undulations and all with minimal traffic.  Nasty little pulls uphill with all too short downhill hoons.

And it was cold I had no feet or hands when I got home..well ok they were there when I looked, but since all feeling had gone, I had to check.

Road kill...what's with ringtail possums?? were they all playing chicken last night?

and who is doing a Hansel and Gretel with orange peel around North Croydon / Croydon Hills???

Woo's finally May 1st and so I can now say......I'm off OS next month.

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  1. I have seen the orange peel deluge at different times in the same area. I suspect there is a major fetish which hasn't hit our side of the highway yet.....