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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Racing day 2

Today’s races were not long or hilly but they were brutal ‘cos there was a head wind on the way out.   The morning race was 45km with a KOM after 18km of head wind…..2 got away and that was the last we saw of them despite a valiant effort to pull them back over the following 7 or so km after which I stopped pulling really hard as we weren’t getting any closer and all I was doing was helping to drag 2 sprinters to the finish where they’d leave me in their dust. 
Over the final hill I eased off and got dropped from the chasing bunch although I caught up with them later on cos their pace was varying whereas mine was steady.
In between the morning road race and the afternoon TT I had to rest, fuel up, change my SRM cranks from the road to the TT bike and finally warm up.

 The TT was, like all TT’s, uncomfortable.  Once again we headed out into the wind for ~10km before turning and getting a bit more speed up.  21.6km later after catching my 1minute, 3 minute, 4 minute, 5 minute and 6 minute (but not my 2 minute) man I was home…… coughing and feeling rather sick…that’s TTing for you.  How did I go?  Not sure as my SRM power control is playing up and I’m struggling to download the data, with my lap top continually telling me it can’t read the device and I don't carry the garmin, so map.
Misc…..the sky is blue, the temp is ok and I read on FB that Melbourne has fog…so I feel I’m in the right location….if only the hoardes of kids around the leisure park would stop being soooo noisy late into the night life would be perfect.
Will I race tomorrow?...52 km with  a genuinely nasty hill after 18km??? hmm probably although I can envisage being dropped and having to solo TT home for the rest of the race…

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