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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Racing and an interesting book

The interesting book first.."Inside WikiLeaks" by Daniel Domscheit-Berg..worth a read or since it's also on CD..a listen.

~20km..more like 19+km TT at Little River and unlike my recce the other day it was blowing a bit of a gale.  Enough to make the flags on the West Gate Bridge horizontal and reported on the weather web site as 35kph with gusts up to the high 50's low 60's.

All of which meant it was a very tough race for the first 2 sides of the oblong ( travelling north and west) and an absolute blast on the third side plus a medium blast on the last bit.  For about 6km I was averaging 50kph with a peak of 55kph...I kept thinking...this is the speed the pros cruise at but for me this is totally exceptional.  I finished in 36 and some minutes, the best in my grade (C grade) was 31 minutes; I would have won D grade.  Here's the file of the last bit...the to enlarge.  As you can see I'm either TTing at a constant HR or I'm dead...there seems to be no in between at all.

I used the deepish dish on the front and the disc, but as of now I'm moving to the deep dish rear to check it out for racing OS.  This Friday I travel up to Benalla for the 3day race there, 3 road races of 44, 46 and 52 km and a 21.7 km TT..should be tired  the following week!

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