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Sunday, May 2, 2010

GPS learning curve

sat ride

this was the plan as seen on Garmin’s Base Map program, usable off line, which I uploaded to my Edge 705 where I have a more detailed map on a micro chip thing.  

Unlike previous test rides, when I sprayed the ride copiously with mega amounts of “waypoints”…the blue flags, this time I tried bare bones.   Why? ‘cos every time you get close to where a flag is, the thing bips and an instruction comes up on the screen = distracting and irritating especially when the instruction is go straight on.

BUT..I stuffed it twice..once by not putting a waypoint at the southernmost end of Springvale Road and so got mega beeps from Centre Road on trying to get me to turn right and then by not realising I’d tracked myself along the Nepean Hwy from Mordy  and so was urged to “Do a U turn when possible!” almost all the way to Black Rock. 

I reckon its tiny brain was fried by the time I stopped, which was in the city…a head wind from Mordy to Docklands = forget the planned Donna Buang ride…one struggle fest a weekend is plenty. 

I’ve ditched the top tube panniers ...drove me nuts every time I stood up getting in the way of my knees.

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  1. GPS Learning Curves may be a bit hard. there are lots of points and I just couldn't understand it. :)