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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Road ID

When I'm in Italy during July, I'll be solo in that I'm staying in an apartment and will not have family or close friends looking out for me if I don't return from an evening training ride, and may only be missed when I don't front up for the next day's class.

Sooooo I've bought one of these engraved with appropriate personal info..NOK phone numbers, blood group, allergies, med hx etc

 with the Aussie dollar flying high, the price was very modest, maybe $30 all up, and compared to the insurance it will provide if I'm unable to speak for nothing.

The service the company gives is speedy to say the least and it arrived at my house in less than a week after putting the order through.  For a change this is one American company which  does NOT rob you blind over postage costs...I have had postage quotes from the good ole' US of A that more than doubled the cost of the article I wanted to buy.

It came delivered in a groovy container which will now become a tool box for small,easily lost,  bike a double thank you to RoadID

Maybe it's something more of my cycling friends need to consider buying, especially those with medical issues a first responder team might need to be aware of.......

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