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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back at work, worm farms, pets with loooong fur and track racing

In no special order:

Pippi's "passport" says she's a domestic short hair variety, but she begs to differ over the word "short"..and so do we.  She's the only cat I've had to take regularly to the vet to be groomed as her fur gets really matted and she's none too keen on me dealing with the problem.  Each visit costs about $75 and she has to be sedated to accomplish the task.  Not happy..either of us.

Then..tra daaaah!   Enter this grooming tool which I bought yesterday....

Fantastic.  Pippi is now half her previous size, I have enough fur in the bin to stuff a pillow and there were absolutely no complaints from a cat who is really VERY happy to complain.

Worm farms.
There are about 1000 worms who will be very sad they belong to me...well actually there are probably only about 500 now. I dunno what it is, but they don't seem to be getting through their original food lot although I was told they should have by the end of a week or so.

Then there were the ants that decided to  use the base of the farm as their new home...little buggers! I think I'd allowed it to get a bit dry, which I've now sorted.  Anyway I've got a temporary solution of using putting the farm's legs in 4 bowls filled with water!  Eat up little wormies!

no biggie really except by the end of the first day I was legs and feet were sooooo tired and I pretty well slept the clock around.  It's nice seeing friends and colleagues again, although in this campus there are also many people I dont know.  And as expected, being a different campus to where I used to work, it's sort of the same but different.

Track racing
Saturdays TT was soooo slow, although a good enough time to qualify for gold .  I lost it all in the start which  must have been like watching grass grow during winter.  Plenty of work to be done there.

Darryl had asked me to us a 92 (52/15) and drop bars.....I was ok with the gearing but hated starting on the current set up using drop bars...too low and too stretched out and  I just couldn't get up to speed enough for the first bend and I thought I was going to fall off!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed the guys at Brescia's Montichiari velodrome will be able to get enough sponsorship $$ to get the European Masters Track  Champs up and running some time in July.  I'm planning on being in Italy that month  attending an Italian Language school to beef up my slowing improving Italian language skills and having the champs at Brescia would help me decide which school to go to.

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